Why First Impression Matters

Social Perception

Why does first impression matters ?

By Basu Nepal

We live in a society as a social being, interacting with other people in regular basis. The ability to study other and react accordingly is called as social perception. It means trying to know about other’s thought and belief, study them to have an initial impression about the person and finally acting based on those belief.

It is a key factor in maintaining a good relation with people around you, we can know about other’s feeling through the observation of their body language, postures and behavior. There are terms like vibe and charms that describes about the kind of image a person throws in front of other. It describes how people perceive a particular person, having belief that, he holds a good aura or vibes.

It’s all due to social perception, how you present yourself to other. When other see you, they won’t have lots information to know about you, hence they rely on initial look and observation to set an image about you which may or may not represent your true nature, then they will act accordingly based on the belief they have about you which is all shaped by the kind of image you showed initially.

We have been listening to one phrase from a long time that first impression matters and in reality, it matters the most than anything else.

You first impression can have a strong impact on other’s perception towards you. It’s essential to make sure you have a strong and positive first impression, as in most cases it’s the only thing that matters the most during an interaction.

First Impression is the first and foremost that matters during an interaction.

In many studies’ researcher have found that initial assumption made in first few minute or even few second of the interaction can last over the whole interaction and eventually can even be a deciding factor in an outcome of an interaction.

In a study, it was found that job candidate with first good impression had more overall positive feedback and higher chance of being hired. In fact, within few minutes or even seconds, recruiter will decide whether you are likely to be hired or not which in most cases end up becoming the truth.

When people see you for the first time, they have very less information to process to make an assumption about you thus deciding by look, initial behavior and mostly past experience in related scenario, if that is good you will have good positive first impression, then they may even tend to ignore your bad side due to confirmation bias. Hence it will have a long-lasting impression.

In contrast if someone has a bad first impression, it will be very hard time ahead to leave a positive footprint. It generally takes about 8 positive impression to overcome the first negative impression so, the first impression is all it takes and it’s all that matter.

It generally takes about 8 positive impression to overcome the first negative impression.

It’s not just about your first impression or your behavior, even your picture can leave a different message and impression towards the viewer. In a study it was found that people tend to trust one over another consistently just by looking at a glance of their photo and the funny thing is they don’t look in photo forever, people would actually take less than 2 second to predict the winner of the election which is surprisingly the exact result found through the election so, having a good photo can win you election even before voting.

Our impression is made in less than a second, which is not even long so, all the rumor of look matter is actually true. People can have a perceived image about you and your behavior just by looking at your picture or you for less than a second. It was found people can make very accurate prediction of someone’s sexual orientation by looking at their photo for less than 1/20th of a second. It sounds unreal but when there is a research backed by it and considering how jugdy we human are, it can be actually be true.

Social judgment made during the first meeting are many times accurate and are true, meaning that we human are excellent at identifying other human, particularly judging them. We do it all the time, we are jugdy being.

So, when it matters the most try to make a good first impression, it’s the only thing that matters.

Best way to avoid negative first impression is to be yourself and different so, other cannot relate you to negative stereotype group, thus providing you with good positive first impression.


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