Who am I ?

I am Basu Nepal, an IT student with few technical tools and skills under the pocket that I learned, all thanks to my quick learning ability. I am studying Bsc.CSIT, which often mistaken as just IT, they’re different. I believe to know lots of stuffs so often I fluctuate around lots of things to learn and do at the same time which makes me perfect “Jack and Master of Everything but Nothing”

basu nepal

Assumedly, I am someone who likes pressure, at least I think of it, so my best ability is working my way out of it using my excellent quick learning and adaptability, maybe I’m exaggerating. I am as random as Brownian motion (Sorry! Non-Physics Folks) which means all my words are scattering everywhere so this blog is developed to contain them in a single place which is worth looking.

What I do ?


I design and develop websites, create digital contents and articles.
And I am also a technical content writer.

basu nepal web design

Website Design

I design cool and  professional looking websites.


basu nepal content & articles

Contents & Articles

I create digital contents and write articles for the website/blog.


basu nepal digital marketing

Technical Writing

I work as a technical content writer creating technical contents.


“Live as if you were to die tomorrow
Learn as if you were to live forever”

Together we can create something Awesome & Amazing.

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